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What is a business plan and what financial information should one include?

A business plan sets out the future strategy and financial development of a business, typically over 5 years. Business plans can be external or internal reports. The content of which will vary depending on the purpose of the plan. Banks will often request a business plan in order for a company to secure a loan. […]

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The Autumn Statement: 5 Highlights and What They Mean for Small Businesses

The Autumn Statement has been announced by UK Chancellor Philip Hammond with several impacts on small businesses. Here are five highlights from the statement and how they could impact your business.

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12 Motivational Money Saving Mantras

With George Osborne championing the message of a country “spending within its means”, saving money is at the forefront of our minds these days.

Evaluating and cutting back on spending can be a daunting prospect, so we asked a range of bloggers for their top money mantras to inspire you to spend effectively.