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What does an accountant do?

There are two main types of accountant: Accountants in practice Accountants in practice are typically hired to produce company accounts from the client’s accounting system. These accounts are then used as the basis of tax calculations to be filed with HMRC. The clients’ accounting systems will vary in level of sophistication, for example, basic spreadsheets […]

What is Companies House?

Companies House deals with the formation and closure of limited companies. It also deals with the collection of Statutory Accounts legally required to be produced by the limited company. These accounts are then made available to the public.


This section answers questions that many small businesses have about the complex subject of accounts. We answer questions about the information that your accounts should include, and how and when you should file your accounts. We also explain the importance of receipts, your registered business address, and the different types of expenses you, or your […]

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The Autumn Statement: 5 Highlights and What They Mean for Small Businesses

The Autumn Statement has been announced by UK Chancellor Philip Hammond with several impacts on small businesses. Here are five highlights from the statement and how they could impact your business.

Business Advice Hub

Business Advice Hub Whether setting up or running a small business, there are many financial questions that may arise. We’ve looked into the most common questions that small business owners have about accountancy and finance, and have answered them for you here. There are different sections to explore including invoices, taxes, payroll, accounts, and general […]