About Us

At Heavenly Online Accountants, we’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your finances.

Our goal is to take the stress from accounting – allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business. Whether you’re looking for help with day-to-day accounting, such as bookkeeping or payroll, or you simply need help completing your yearly tax returns, our expert accountants are here to help.

Heavenly Online Accountants is a cloud accountancy firm near Newcastle. We offer scalable accountancy packages to SMEs all across the UK. The brilliant advantage of cloud accounting is that, as it is internet based, we can provide our world-class services to fantastic businesses whatever their location and at any time of day.

Our Online Accountantsclaire2d

Clare McCullagh BSc MBA ACMA

Managing Director and CEO

Heavenly Online Accountants is headed up by Clare McCullagh, a highly experienced accountant and member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with a passion for helping businesses optimise and organise their cashflow.

To read a little more about Clare and her career to date, click here.

What can Heavenly Online Accountants offer your business?

High level of service

You can contact your dedicated cloud accountant by phone or email at any time. We’ll answer your questions and provide advice quickly and efficiently. By working online through the cloud, we can provide you with continual support and real-time insights into your finances. We are ready to discuss your situation at any time, allowing you to make financially informed decisions for your business.

Fixed cost

We provide you with a fixed fee right from the start. Payments are made monthly so there is no large annual bill for you to cover, and there are no surprise invoices or extra costs. Our fixed-fee packages range from high levels of support, with monthly accounts, through to a more basic package, with half-yearly accounts provided.

Automated bookkeeping

Information is automatically updated and backed up. You can see recent sales, bank balances and upcoming bills on your dashboard at any time. Bank transactions are automatically imported, making bookkeeping easier and quicker than ever before. If you struggle to keep up with bookkeeping, we can assist you with this aspect of your accounts, too.

Easy to use systems

We use Xero cloud accounting system because it’s clever, efficient technology that it’s remarkably easy to use and integrate into your business. It’s fully browser based, so there is no software to install or update. As long as you can access the internet, you can access Xero.

Finding the information that you need whilst on the move or in meetings is simple, and you can also share this information with the people you’re working with.

Bespoke reporting

Everything is tailored to your specific business needs, including reporting. We create bespoke cost centres and all of our reports can be configured to display exactly what matters to you most. Your accounts will be analysed by professional small business accountants so you know exactly where your business stands financially.

Seamless transition
We can help you switch from your current accounting software to Xero. Xero provides great training and support all at no cost, and can be switched overnight. It is easier than you think!